Technology Consulting

We have many years of experience in assisting customers with their technology consulting needs. Our experience spans 20 plus years and involves consulting for businesses in many areas.

Consulting plays a role in many of the services we offer on a daily basis, such as, network assessments or providing CIO type services for our SMB customers. Consulting helps to validate a particular technology direction that a customer may be considering and provides our customers access to many years of experience in working with technology, integration and applications, which is a benefit we bring in every engagement we are involved with.

More Inforomation on some of the areas we are able to consult in (expand/collapse)

  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
    • We assist with determining which applications are most important to the organization through a series of interviews. Along with that information we look at key systems and determine if they fit best practice and then provide a report on findings, issues and the corrective action(s) that should be taken.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
    • A disaster can mean many things to many people. Whether that is loss of data, loss of application use for a period of time or loss of access to a location that contains the systems a business may use. We can help with the technology requirements and a plan that is able to be tested. This is key and is easy to overlook. Many times we've seen a company have a DR plan but does not test it or the plan was not designed to be easily tested.
  • Identification of Critical Data
    • This is a very important part of any successful plan involving data lifecycle management. Data lifecycle management details how your data is managed. Are you keeping "stale" data on expensive SAN storage and utilizing business resources for something that can be moved to less expensive disk platform or archived altogether? It can be difficult to determine what data is "stale" and what data is actually active or "live" data, especially when you have thousands of user files. We can help.
  • Technology Assessment
    • We offer differing levels of Technology Assessments to our customers based on need. A Technology Assessment gives us a baseline of where things are at today within your network and based on best practices we can determine if systems are truly running as efficiently as they can.